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Wither Tracing

Directions for Wither Tracing

Tools Needed:
Flexible Curve (24 inches in length) available from a good office supply store. This tool is inexpensive and easy to use. A pen or pencil, chalk and a large piece of paper.

The actual tracing needed for assessing tree size should be taken behind the rear edge of the shoulder blades. Place a saddle on the horse in the correct position behind the shoulder blades, mark the front edge and the rear edge of the saddle on the horse using the chalk. Remove the saddle and place the flexible curve 1 inch behind the front mark molding it over the withers. Make sure the horse is standing square and with his head in a normal position. You’ll need to go back and forth to make sure it is fitting snugly on both sizes of the withers. Test the fit of the flexible curve by gently picking it up at the highest point and placing it back into position. If it niches right back in with good contact throughout then you have a good tracing. Mark the exact spot where the flexible curve is with chalk and then remove it. Carefully remove the flexible curve and lay it on your piece of paper, trace the inside edge of the curve. Pictures may also be helpful. Make sure the horse is standing on the most level ground you can find. Have your camera person try to get the whole horse including his feet in most of the shots. If you know of any problem areas, it would help if we had a close up shot pointing out the exact